Wednesday, September 30, 2015

AQS Chattanooga

Hey ya'll.  It's been a couple weeks since my trip to the AQS Quiltweek in Chattanooga, TN but I thought I'd share with you some of what went on.  My friend Lou Anne and I left bright and early that Saturday morning headed to Tennessee.  We decided to take the scenic route through Andrews and Murphy in NC and on to Parksville and Cleveland, Tennessee before hitting Chattanooga.  It is a gorgeous view through the mountains, except we hit fog for more than two-thirds of our trip down.  Hey, the view was a bonus, we were headed for quilts!

Quiltweek here we come!

We made it to the Convention Center and met up with our friends, Linda and her daughter Amy.  Linda and Amy had taken a Paper Piecing class at Quiltweek on Friday so they were there earlier than us.  Amy also had a quilt in the show called "Spring Glory", an original Bargello design.  
Here we are at the entrance to the Exhibit Hall.

The Chattanooga Convention Center is huge!  There are classrooms and ballrooms, exhibit halls and bathrooms everywhere, but wouldn't you know that I would be in the minority.  The first 3 sets of bathrooms I came to had a sign over the men's restroom designating it a "Women's" restroom.  There are men here to ya know!  But that's okay, I made it work.

We decided to visit the vendors first.  There were rows and rows of vendors from all over the states and Canada.  I saw several vendors from local areas that I knew and of course I had to speak.  We got some good ideas, and bought a few things.  I did manage to only buy just a few random things.  I bought a couple of sayings panels and a Christmas Countdown panel along with my commemorative ceramic thimble.  I've began to collect the ceramic thimbles from the shows, so I had to add to the collection.  Otherwise, I bought very little.  I did add something to my wish list.  I plan to invest in the Stripology ruler from Gudrun Erla and Creative Grids.  I have the Shape Cut ruler, but Stripology is BIGGER and had the Creative Grids non-slip feature on each slot.  It is also a bit thicker.  It does come in at a slightly higher price but I will be getting that soon.   I keep telling myself that I am not buying any more rulers unless I just have to have it, so I've justified it by saying I can't live without it.  I think that will work...maybe.  While visiting the vendors we heard the call several times from AQS that they were doing their "random giveaways" so Amy and I booked it each time to the lady doing the giveaways wherever she was.  First time around, Amy won a Batik Jelly Roll from Tennessee Quilts in Jonesborough.  I then proceeded to win 2 passes with a guided tour to the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY.  Anyone up for a road trip!  I'll definitely be using those at Quiltweek in 2016.  I also won some reverse applique patterns.

After we finished the vendors and had lunch we went onto the quilts.  There were a lot of gorgeous quilts at Quiltweek Chattanooga.  We were also able to meet Connie Griner from Burlington, NC who had two amazing quilts in the show and Sandi Suggs a national quilt instructor who had a special exhibit in the show that spanned most of her quilting career.  Both ladies were extremely sweet and great to talk to.  Overall the show was great.  I'll definitely be making the trip to Chattanooga next year.  Click the link below to view a slideshow of the quilts I was able to snap pics of.

Well it's work tomorrow and Friday, then Asheville Quilt Show on Saturday.  We leave for Myrtle Beach, SC on Sunday.  Yes, I know there's a "hurricane a-coming" but we're praying for decent weather.  I need a vacation.  We'll be back from the beach on Wednesday and it's the Maggie Valley Quilt Show next weekend.

Until next time, quilt on!

Bound and Ready! Quilting 101 in Review

Hey ya'll.  Three months ago, we began the journey into quilting in my first-ever Quilting 101.  Last night, 7 students presented their quilts as we finished the inaugural 101 class.  We've had our ups and downs.  Some are still working on their quilts, some have had to step back for a while, but what a blast it has been.

As we worked and worked, we learned the basics of quilting from our machines to some of the fundamental blocks in patchwork.  We've also learned a lot more about each other.   We've joined in each others triumphs and prayed and stayed through each others sorrows, but we made it!  (Okay, I sound like I'm making a graduation speech here.)  Hey, we've had fun, and that's what counts!

As we put the bindings on our quilts last night (well some of us did, others were finished, yay), we sat down to enjoy some food and each other's company again as we said our farewells, for this class at least.

After we had some food, we shared our quilts with each other.

This journey of Quilting 101 has been a blast and I can't wait for the next time.  I hope you plan to join me for the next round of Quilting 101.  The current plan has the next Quilting 101 to begin in May 2016 with my Advanced Quilting Technique Series kicking off in mid-Summer.  Stay tuned to the blog and my website for the latest on my classes and lectures.

We all said the same thing as we departed last night, "I don't know what I'm going to do in two weeks when I don't get to come back."  It was bittersweet being finished, but it's exciting to see what we all quilt on next.  Until next time, quilt on!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

Hey ya'll.  Summer is coming to an end here in the mountains.  It's been almost four months since I last posted to you.  It's been one crazy summer.  Let me just tell ya.  It's hard to believe that so much has happened in the last few months.