Quilt 101

Hey ya'll.  I'm offering a quilt class here in Cruso.  The class "Quilting 101" is a 6-session introduction to Quilting.  By the end you will have a completed quilt to enjoy!  Join me as we delve into the world of quilting and learn together.

Our classes will begin on Tuesday, July 7, 2015 and continue every other Tuesday through September.

Classes will be held at the Cruso Community Center.  

The center is at 13186 Cruso Road, Canton, NC 28716.

Session 1 will cover Machine Basics and the Basic Quilting Supplies.  In this session you'll get to know your machine and how it works.  We'll also discuss some basic quilting supplies and where you might find them.

In Session 2 we will discuss a few basic quilt blocks and how to easily construct them.

In Session 3 we will talk about another basic quilt block, selecting fabrics and the importance of good fabric.  We will also look at the pattern you wish to use for your first quilt!  Yes, you will get to choose your pattern.

In Session 4, we will begin piecing your first quilt.  I will be there to help you along the way and will demo lots of individual techniques.

In Session 5, we will finish piecing your first quilt.  We will also talk about some quilting techniques and strategies.  Everything from hand to machine quilting and so much more.

In Session 6, we will work on Quilting your first quilt.  Yes, we will be finishing the quilt.

We will meet for a bonus 7th Session where we will have a light dinner and Show & Tell.  Through the classes, you'll learn that you can't quilt and not share your work!

Depending on your speed when sewing, you may have some homework between sessions to stay on track, but don't worry, you'll not be overwhelmed!

The cost is $60 for all 6-sessions.  The 7th session is on me!  That's only $10 per session.

You'll want to sign up fast, because space is limited!  Click here to register.  You may also call me at 828-400-7323 or email me at efbcutham@gmail.com to register.  

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