Thursday, March 22, 2018

Quiktfest 2018--Day 3

Good morning. I've resigned myself to the fact that my tablet and Blogger simply aren't going to agree with posting pictures. I'm taking lots of them, I just can't seem to get them to attach.  So, instead of continuing to try unsuccessfully, I'm just going to keep updating you this way and post a few pics on my Facebook page and then compile everything when I return home so that you can see everything then.  Bear with me, I'll share soon.

Yesterday was a ball of fun. Jackie wasn't able to go on the bus tour with me, but alas I had a lot of fun visiting 6 historic churches in Sevier County and being able to go inside each, hearing music in most, and even refreshments in the last. Great, great tour.

After returning to the LeConte Center, I made a bee line to see my basket quilt. It looks good hanging in the show, but alas no ribbon. My friend Linda however, got a second place ribbon on one of her entries!  Way to go Linda!

After a quick trip through the LeConte, our group made our way to the Old Mill for an amazing supper. This is a yearly tradition, and we are never disappointed! 

Today, I'm back at the convention center to see all I can see, then a dinner lecture with Dawn Cavanaugh on judging quilts and entering competition.  I'm having a blast here in Pigeon Forge. Are you able to sew any today?

Until next time, quilt on!

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